How to Activate Your VemmaBuilder System

How to Activate Your VemmaBuilder System

Written by chkwah

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Today I am going to share with you how to activate your VemmaBuilder system. You have to become a Vemma member before you can activate your VemmaBuilder system. Basically, there are two ways to join Vemma membership:

Activate Your VemmaBuilder System

1. Web Page

You can join Vemma membership at By this approach, you are not given the access to VemmBuilder system. VemmaBuilder system is a very smart and powerful marketing system that helps you in Vemma business. However, you are still able to activate VemmaBuilder system later on. Go to and key in your Vemma ID and click ‘Activate’ button. You will be forwarded to a payment page. Just pay the USD19.95 monthly subscription by credit card. Once the payment approved, your VemmaBuilder System is ready. You can now login to your VemmaBuilder BackOffice at with your Vemma ID and password. You will be given a opportunity page like this[9digitID] . See the example here.

2. VemmaBuilder Opportunity Page

You can join as a pre-enrollee with 90 days free trial on VemmaBuilder system. To do this, simply fill out any VemmaBuilder opportunity page and you will be given a 7-digit temporary ID and password to login to VemmaBuilder back office. Your opportunity page will be[7digitID]. When you are ready to upgrade as Vemma member, simply click on the ‘Get Started!!! ‘ tab at the menu bar and follow the upgrade instructions. Upon completion of the upgrading process, you will receive your 9-digit Vemma ID.

If you are interested to free trial the VemmaBuilder system, click here to activate your VemmaBuilder System now!

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